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Who we are:

WebExercises was created with the belief that patients want to participate in their healthcare. And if given the proper guidance they will succeed. In the rehabilitation environment, home exercise program paper handouts have been an industry standard, however we believe patients deserve more than the status quo. Therefore this has driven us to lead the industry since 2005 providing the best exercise prescription and patient engagement software. To this end we have successfully delivered over 20 million exercises to patients helping them improve their health, all while gaining valuable insights into healthcare trends so we can see “what’s next”. This gives our healthcare providers the confidence to focus on what you do best, patient care.

Super easy to use, patients love it, I love it.
Lisa T, WebExercises User

Why we are different:

WebExercises Inc. is a privately owned company based the San Francisco Bay Area. We seek to improve the quality of people’s lives through increased participation of exercise under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Simply stated, we want to help people live a healthy life. Our team and clinical advisory board consists of clinical and business and technology professionals with experts from different disciplines such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Surgery and Fitness. Most of us have worked with patients or clients or are still practicing, which is why we understand how to support you and your patients.

What we offer

WebEercises Rx offers a complete home exercise and patient engagement platform with 3500+ exercises, evidence based protocols, patient education resources and so much more. Patients can access their rehab protocols on any device and can give you real-time feedback on their program.

How can you be part of this?

There are different options to become a Professional WebExercises Ex Rx member. You can chose between a monthly and an annual subscription. The monthly plan is $39.95 / month and the annual is $349.95. Both packages include:

Evidence Based Exercise Programming

Share Exercise Rx Programs to Any Device

Engaging Patient Experience

Reimbursement Compliant Documentation

Real-Time Feedback Patient Portal

3,500+ exercises including Specialty Libraries

Exclusive TRX, Theraband, RockTape content

Upload and Create Your own Exercise Library

Branded Exercise Handouts with Your Logo

3 D Patient Education Videos

Easily Record Exercise Rx notes to Any EMR

Time Saving Patient Education Handouts

Posture Screen Mobile Exercise Rx Sync

Educational Live Webinars

20% off all courses on WebExercises Academy

Interested? Try us for 30 Days for only $19.95!

We use WebExercises every day in practice. It is the best tool we have found to educate our patients. We love that they can log in at home to get their exercises and we can verify that they have logged in and are actually doing them!
Jami W., WebExercises User

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