Is Your Brand Helping or Hurting You?

Every person is bombarded with thousands of images, brands, and marketing messages every day. Is your brand making the cut? Does yours stand out and make a positive first impression? In this course with Ardavan Javid, Co-Founder and Creative Director of MyChiroPractice, Inc.
we will explore why some brands flourish, while others get lost in the clutter.

Watch the Webinar to:

• Figure Out Your Target Market

• Create Value and Authority

• Consistency and Tone is Key

• Create a Tribe Mentality


The WebExercises Story:
WebExercises was created by clinicians who wanted to find a better way to help patients succeed with their exercise rehabilitation programs. As clinicians we are limited with time therefore WebExercises was developed to efficiently design home exercise programs. We offer an engaging patient experience that can be monitored virtually by the clinician keeping your patients motivated outside of your office.  Since 2005 we have delivered over 20 million exercises saving clinicians time and improving patient adherence. To find out more how WebExercises can improve your practice call us 866-411-4825 or visit

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Ardavan Javid

Author Ardavan Javid

Ardavan and his twin brother Kevin founded Graphicwise nearly 20 years ago in Southern California. During the past two decades, they've helped nearly 1,000 individuals and companies establish or elevate their brand and online presence. In 2000, Ardavan and Kevin founded the American Design Awards, an international organization helping up and coming designers get recognition and exposure. Some of Graphicwise's noteworthy clients include Nestle Foods, Audi, FOX Sports, NBC, Starbucks, Jenny Craig, and Oracle, as well as celebrities such as Chef Robert Irvine of FoodTV, Marcus Lemonis of CNBC's The Profit, MMA/UFC Champion Chuck Liddell, and NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens.

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