Nutrition Insights: Nutrition is More Than What You Eat!

For many people nutrition and diet are synonymous. However, over the past seventeen years of practicing nutrition counseling, I know balanced nutrition is more of a mind set then a prescribed diet.

I have been fortunate to be a part of many emerging theories and practices of what makes up how, what, where and why we eat. The actual food we put into our mouths is important, however, there in one thing that separates a balanced way of eating from a “diet”, and that is the mindset of that person who is making those food choices every day. There is an easier way to eat better and feel better about eating. It is called mindful eating. Over the past ten years, much research has been done on the science of eating. What has been proven time and again is eating mindfully has more success in weight maintenance then repeating diet cycles over and over.

Basic Principles of Mindful Eating:
1. Deliberately pay attention to what you are eating  without judgement.
2. Pay attention to your internal process and your external environment.
3. Be aware of your emotional, mental and physical state.
4. Free yourself from reactive eating patterns and habits.
5. Allow yourself the opportunity to positively nurture yourself with food.

A big part of mindful eating is slowing down and paying attention to your eating and focus on one task at a time. Be sure to practice this simple task and experience the freedom of eating in the mindful moment.

Ginny Erwin, MS, RD

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