Why regular assessments can drive outcomes – clinically and for your business

In the long run doing regular assessments will also set you apart from your competition and build your brand, especially if you provide your patients with print-outs or electronic files that have your clinic logo on them. Patients might already love you for your treatments but they will even remember (and refer!) you more when they get something ‘tangible’ that they can keep such as printed sheets or pictures they keep on their phones or PCs, especially when these document successful changes they made while they were under your care.

The WebExercises Story:
WebExercises was created by clinicians who wanted to find a better way to help patients succeed with their exercise rehabilitation programs. As clinicians we are limited with time therefore WebExercises was developed to efficiently design home exercise programs. We offer an engaging patient experience that can be monitored virtually by the clinician keeping your patients motivated outside of your office.  Since 2005 we have delivered over 20 million exercises saving clinicians time and improving patient adherence. To find out more how WebExercises can improve your practice call us 866-411-4825 or visit webexercises.com/join

Are you interested in learning more about mobile assessments for Posture, Movement & Body Composition? PostureCo offers app-based products such as PostureScreen, LeanScreen and SquatScreen and are directly integrated with our exercise prescription software.

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Friederike Aprea

Author Friederike Aprea

Rike (Friederike) Aprea, MA, CPT, CES, BCS is the VP of Business Development and Marketing Strategy at WebExercises. She previously worked for Reebok, BMW, and the Adidas Group in the US, Asia and Europe. She is also a NASM certified Behavior Change Specialist.

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