Do we really need exercise challenges?

An exercise challenge can never replace an individual exercise program tailored to a patients’ specific needs. It can also not replace a long-lasting lifestyle change. However, it can be a good idea for patients that are otherwise healthy and just need motivation and structure to stay active even if they are currently not on an exercise rehab program. But why a challenge? Why not a regular exercise protocol? Here some of the reasons why challenges have positive motivational impact.

  • The words ‘challenge’ itself can foster the ambition to stick to a program. It sounds more fun and engaging than exercise program or protocol.
  • Challenges have a beginning and an end date. The start day will help prevent procrastination and the clear duration of a program makes it easier to commit to it.
  • Exercise challenges provide a framework, a structured approach. This makes it easy and rewarding to follow the plan.
  • Challenges usually don’t require big time commitments and are limited to less than 30 minutes a day. This can help to undermine the #1 reason why people don’t exercise: lack of time.
  • Challenge brings change: committing to a certain behavior (e.g. exercise) can help to create a long-lasting behavior change. At the end of the challenge some people might realize that it is possible to integrate exercise into their daily routine and stick to it even when the challenge is finished.

Ready for a challenge? Click here to download our ‘4 weeks to a stronger core’ handout.

You can also find this and other patient engagement resources in your WebExercises Provider Portal.

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Friederike Aprea

Author Friederike Aprea

Rike (Friederike) Aprea, MA, CPT, CES, BCS is the VP of Business Development and Marketing Strategy at WebExercises. She previously worked for Reebok, BMW, and the Adidas Group in the US, Asia and Europe. She is also a NASM certified Behavior Change Specialist.

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