WebExercises Rx – Home Exercise Programs Tailormade for You

Your care should not stop when you walk out of our office. Studies show recovery times are shorter when participating in a home exercise program. Therefore, we use WebExercises Rx® to provide you with an individualized exercise program that includes videos, photos, and detailed descriptions.

You will receive an email with a link to your home exercise program, which allows you to access it from any device. You can also ask us to receive additional printouts.

When you open your program, you will see a summary of the exercises that you are supposed to perform as your home exercise program. From there, you click “Start Program,” which will lead you to the first exercise.

Every exercise allows you to record your sets and reps. A timer can help you to track and record the duration of exercises that are prescribed for a specific time (e.g., for a 30-second hold).

The exercise video and the detailed exercise description will help you to perform the exercise correctly.

You can also give us feedback if you experience pain. This is essential information for your health care provider, which will allow him to adjust the program according to your needs.

Once you are finished with your program, you can record your level of perceived exertion, type in any additional comments, and timestamp your session.

Please try to record every of your exercise sessions. This will help us to understand your progress. Besides, research has shown that the combination of self-monitoring (i.e., tracking) and feedback can increase compliance for exercise programs significantly.

Please contact us if you have more questions.

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David Cruz

Author David Cruz

Dr. David Cruz, DC practiced as a sports chiropractor in an medical orthopedic setting for 20 years treating athletic injuries, from weekend warriors to college athletes serving as the team chiropractor for Dominican University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as having both FMS and SFMA certifications. The combination of his background in sports medicine and interest in technology made him passionate about bringing these two worlds closer together, resulting in the foundation of his company WebExercises in 2005. WebExercises is used by health and fitness professionals to create, share and monitor patient exercise programs.

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