WebExercises – Patient Information

Individualized home exercise programs tailored to YOUR specific needs.

The WebExercises program gives you the option to complete your treatment with an online home exercise program based on your specific needs. In the rehabilitation environment, home exercise program paper handouts have been an industry standard, however we believe that you deserve more than the status quo. Therefore we provide you with exercise videos, photos and detailed descriptions, which will help you to perform the exercises correctly.

You can access your exercise protocol from any mobile device and / or receive additional print-outs. The online program allows you to give us real-time feedback or track your sets and reps.

The exercise videos will help you to perform your exercise program at home:

Patient Education Videos or Handouts will help you to understand your condition:

The WebExercises WHY

WebExercises was created by clinicians who wanted to find a better way to help patients succeed with their exercise rehabilitation programs. As clinicians we are limited with time therefore WebExercises was developed to efficiently design exercise programs. We offer an engaging patient experience that can be monitored virtually by the clinician keeping your patients motivated outside of your office.  Since 2005 we have delivered over 20 million exercises saving clinicians time and improving patient adherence. To find out more how WebExercises can improve your practice call us 866-411-4825 or visit webexercises.com/join

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