5 Reasons Why WebExercises Can Make a Difference for Your Business

What were your expectations when you bought WebExercises for your practice? Having a service that makes it easy to create and share exercise programs? We hope that we fulfilled your expectations on this part. But did you know that WebExercises can not only help you and your patients, but also your business?

#1 Differentiation
Healthcare is steadily shifting towards a more consumer-driven, highly competitive industry: patients (i.e. consumers) are becoming choosier and expect higher levels of patient-centric service. Therefore, it’s important to stick out form the crowd by offering not only the best treatments, but also the best patient experience. Most healthcare providers are still relying on paper copies and stick figures when giving out home exercise programs. Or they don’t prescribe home exercises at all. Using WebExercises to provide your patients with individual, state-of-the-art exercise programs can help you being different than your ‘competitors’.

# 2 Surprise and Delight
“Surprise and Delight” is a marketing term to describe unexpected treats that makes customers (patients) feel special and thus can help improve customer loyalty. Getting complementary online home exercise programs is a service that most of your patients have not been expected walking in your door. You can further capitalize on that by emphasizing that their exercises are created for their individual needs.

#3 Better outcomes = more referrals
This might be obvious but cannot be stressed enough: Home Exercise Programs and Patient Education will improve engagement and engagement will improve outcomes. Good outcomes drive patient satisfaction and satisfied patients are the best referral source you can have. Make sure that you also utilize our patient education resources if applicable.

#4 Stay in touch
How many patient contacts do you have? How many do you contact regularly? Keeping and serving existing patients is by far more efficient than acquiring new ones. Contacting patients based on their feedback or when their exercise program is expired is a great way to stay connected and bring them back into your clinic. You can leverage our provider dashboard that shows you exactly when a program expires for this business strategy.

#5 Your Brand – Everywhere
Making your brand as visible as possible is crucial when building a business. With WebExercises you can have your brand displayed on every printout or every time a patient opens their patient portal. Using healthcare technology vs. old fashioned paper copies will show patients that you keep your practice standards at a high level. Professionally made videos and patient education can help to improve the overall image of your office.

The WebExercises Story:
WebExercises was created by clinicians who wanted to find a better way to help patients succeed with their exercise rehabilitation programs. As clinicians we are limited with time therefore WebExercises was developed to efficiently design home exercise programs. We offer an engaging patient experience that can be monitored virtually by the clinician keeping your patients motivated outside of your office.  Since 2005 we have delivered over 20 million exercises saving clinicians time and improving patient adherence. To find out more how WebExercises can improve your practice call us 866-411-4825 or visit webexercises.com/join

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Friederike Aprea

Author Friederike Aprea

Rike (Friederike) Aprea, MA, CPT, CES, BCS is the VP of Business Development and Marketing Strategy at WebExercises. She previously worked for Reebok, BMW, and the Adidas Group in the US, Asia and Europe. She is also a NASM certified Behavior Change Specialist.

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